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caviar and cigarettes , well versed in etiquette , extraordinarily nice...
She's A Killer Queen
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Black&White, Pout
I hate my stupid hormones. Really hate them.
Couldn't sleep last night because of the feeling that my uterus was being ripped out.
Pleasant? Nah, not really.

Charlie [My new dog] got left alone for the first time today, the dog walker came at lunchtime and took him and Saph's out, and for once neither tried to savage anyone. Any way, came home to a fully functional house, not wrecking went on [Saphies skill, she's very dexterous, she can open the over and everything] so I am incredibley proud of my babies for such a little thing...

Propper Update Later, No Time As Going Out With Chuck and Sophie

1st-Oct-2008 05:54 pm(no subject)
Glasses, Smirk

Wow, someone just threw something at us.
It's bouncy.
Really bouncy
No, it's bouncier than a really bouncy thing on a bouncy castle.
No, my dear girl, it's bouncier than a fatty on a bouncy castle.
True Story.
Bouncy is one of those words that if you say it often enough, it doesn't sound real... Or is that just me?

I build up walls as a defence mechanism, it used to work, but now I think that I scare people away. I would like nothing better than to have a really close friend, a boyfriend either. How sad is that, not only and I the only seventeen year old virgin in the vicinity, I've never kissed anyone either. At the moment I'm trying to be a nicer person, because in my haste to not seem vulnerable, to be frank, I'm a bitch, and for a while it worked, the wole being bitchy thing, but now, I'm more alone than I ever wanted to be.
And I know that it's my fault, really I do, but it's a girls perogative to change her mind, isn't it?

Also, hi to all of my new readers, I'll try and get round to commenting you all individually, but if not, atleast you know I'm thinking of you. xx
Glasses, Smirk
Me♥ You can call me Enamel.

♥ You will, undoubtabley learn my real name, so I shan't say here that you won't.

♥ Because I don't like being wrong, and since, if you look hard enough, it's written on my photo's, this claim is just a recipe for disaster.

♥ I think the way I look gives away my ethnicity, maybe you don't, but big lips and frizzy hair, pretty much opitimizes it for me.

♥I like to dye my hair, but I am terrified that it will one day fall out.

♥ Like wise with my teeth, only I don't like to dye them, I'm just scared they might fall out.

♥ I have poor circulation, so I always have cold hands and feet. People call me a zombie...

♥ I was called and ardvark at school because of the shape of my nose.

♥ I like to make and design clothes and jewelry in my spare time.

♥ Pink and purple are my favourite colours.

♥ I have never had a best friend or a boy friend.

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